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Lose my way .
Sunday, 22 January 2012 | Sunday, January 22, 2012 | 0 Talking ♥

Im goes through each day , With a smile on my face
I'm holds myself well, With much poise and grace
I'm laughs and smiles, seems so happy and free
But deep deep inside, There’s something no one can see
When you look at me and you think, i must have everything 
But you’ll never know, The song i must sing
Its one filled with grief, Lonely and sad
You cant see the loss, The horrid experiences she had 
So while you see laughter, When you look into my eyes
Its just the way to hide, All the tears im has cried
i'm goes through the same, Time after time
I'm watches everyone’s happy ending, Wondering where’s mine

and feels like Hello , where is my rainbow , I want my life back ! urghhh .
Don't tell me that i dont understand what pain is . Dont think that i haven't hurt before . dont think i haven't hurt so much all i could do was cry , and i didn't want to live anymore . Dont think that my heart hasnt been broken , and shattered into a million pieces because it has. I've sat motionless not knowing what to do with my life , just because i LOST you , just because i felt so empty without you , just because i didnt want to let you go and have to face life without your hand in mine. so dont tell me i didnt hurt when you broke my world, dont tell me that you hurt the same way i did, cause u didn't, you didnt even come close . 

#This breakup is the most damn shit ever happened in my life . But one of my friend told me this ' Fashila , When he walks out of your life, let him be. There's no use in wasting your time on people that leave you. What you make of yourself and your future is no longer tied to them. Yeah, you may miss them. and i know you really really really LOVE him but remember that you weren't the one that gave up. You've already make an effort to make he stay but he still gone' . Betul gak ape yg dia cakap and aku tak pk pun org sekekliling aku . effect kat aku apa yg aku dah buat , aku buat kawan2 down , org yg support aku . aku tak pk diorang aku just pk cara nk dapatkan dia balik . Okay , dumb enough aku ni . sekarang , dia dah pun otw to make a relationship with 'HER' . Itu pun aku tahu pada org .  tapi aku tak salahkan dia pun . Dia dah pilih cara hidup dia mcm ni , dia nk go on dgn org lain . Dia dah tak boleh go on dgn aku . Maybe dgn aku dia tak bahagia . Aku just kena doakan diorang jela tp nk lupa xkan sekali . Sakit yg dia rasa , lagi sakit ape yg aku rasa . Maybe one day dia akan rasa sakit yg tgah aku rasa . Aku tak benci dia cuma aku tak pasti ape perasaan aku kt dia sekarang. Biarlah ape nk jadi pun . If rasa dia boleh bahagia dgn cara ni , aku akan ikut . Ini janji aku . Aku xkn terhegeh kat dia dah . Almost 5month aku terhegeh kat dia , effort aku dia tak nampak . okay fine . just wish you the best on your way my EX-boyfriend . To 'HER' , please take good care of him . 

Lots of love 
Fashila Khairi <3

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